5 Important Factors When Searching for Roofing Services

By Johan | April 3, 2018 | Roofing

One of the most important elements of choosing roofing services involves deciding if you’re going to look at this project as a special skill or as a commodity. The definition of this word, “commodity,” is misunderstood by some people today. It’s usually applied to a product of agriculture or mining, such as in the stock market (gold, orange juice, pork bellies). But the word can also mean that the product is mass-produced and not specialised, which is where the idea of hiring a roofer enters the picture. If you approach the replacement of your roof with a relaxed attitude, hiring anyone who says they can cover your home at a low price, chances are that your period of relaxation won’t last very long.

1. Understand Changes

The list of materials used for roofing through the centuries is long and varied. Builders and homeowners have used wood shingles, thatching, slate, tile, asphalt shingles, roll roofing, and metal, to name some of the most common materials. If you begin your search for a roofer with the idea that you just need someone to hammer down a few shingles at the cheapest price, you’re going to miss a great opportunity to add to the appearance of your home and to enhance the value in the process. The reason is simple: The roofing industry has changed a lot in the last few decades. Even the traditional asphalt shingle attached to plywood sheeting has been through some changes. Technology has been at the heart of these changes with laminated shingles that deliver the look of cedar shakes or slate. You get the appearance without the expense of the “real thing.”

2. Ask About Synthetic

When you begin the selection process for roofing services, you should be prepared to ask two or three important questions. You don’t want to act as if you know more than the roofer, of course, but there are advantages to knowing a bit about the synthetic materials available for what those in the industry call “underlay.” Once the wood sheeting is installed, professionals have often applied an asphalt/felt roll before placing the final layer of roofing shingles. There are synthetic materials available that deliver some unique benefits, such as lighter weight than felt and improved resistance to weather.

3. How to Search

You may react to this suggestion in a somewhat negative way, insisting that the way to search for a roofer is to do things the way they’ve always been done. Of course, you might proceed with looking in the old phone book or ask around the neighborhood for suggestions from others. But, just as the technology of producing a good roof has changed, so has finding your contractor. It’s common today to use the Internet to locate a service provider but you should use a level of caution when doing so.

4. Fake Reviews

An entire book could be written on this subject and the correct use of the online method but for now, consider these basics. There is an unlimited number of “professional roofers” who will post reviews themselves to give their website a better opportunity to be hired. But online rankings are not necessarily the best indication of quality workmanship.

5. Be Sure of These Two Factors

To make a long story a bit shorter, always ask about a free estimate so you have an accurate, honest number on which to base your roofing budget. In addition, your roofer should always be willing to provide a labor warranty separate from the manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles, slate, tile, or whatever material is chosen.