Four Ways to Protect Your Roof From Damage

By Johan | February 3, 2018 | Roofing

The entire exterior of your home must be perfectly maintained at all times in order to provide you with the full protection that you expect from your shelter. The integrity of your exterior walls and roof also affect the condition of your home’s interior. Because of how important your roof is to your home’s condition as well as to your safety inside the home, you understandably need the roof to be well-maintained through your own efforts and through the services of a professional roofer. These are a few of the steps that you can take to prevent damage to your roof.

1. Trim Your Trees

Trees are a true benefit to your property in many ways, but they can also be damaging. For example, during a strong storm, the tree branches can strike the roof or can dislodge the shingles. Minor or severe damage can occur. Take a closer look at the location of your trees in relation to your roof. Trim the tree branches back so that they do not hang over the roof.

2. Get a Regular Inspection

Inspecting your roof periodically is another way to protect your home’s roof from damage. You can inspect your roof from the ground level after a major storm passes through the area as well as seasonally. However, you also should hire a roofer for a professional inspection annually. Avoid climbing onto the roof yourself in order to prevent unnecessary injuries.

3. Make Repairs as Needed

As soon as you identify a problem with your home’s roof, you should make repairs as soon as possible. Once the integrity of your roof is affected, the possibilities for additional damage may be increased. Your roof must be well-maintained in order for it to be fully protective. Even a single shingle that is out of place could result in additional damage that may not otherwise occur. A roofer Toronto can easily repair your roof now to prevent additional damage from occurring.

4. Clean Your Roof

Another important step to take is to clean your roof as needed. Some roofs may develop algae or mold growth. These growths can affect curb appeal, and they can also deteriorate the condition of your shingles over time. As soon as you spot signs of even a small patch of growth, schedule professional cleaning service.

Keeping your roof maintained in good condition is an important aspect of overall home care. You may spot some signs of maintenance and repair needs from the ground level, but many issues can only be seen at the roof level through the eyes of a trained professional. A smart idea is to contact a roofer as soon as you notice signs of damage, and you should also schedule an inspection service annually.