7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Roof

By Johan | January 6, 2018 | Roofing

The cost to replace most commercial roofing is much higher than with a traditional home. Undertake careful consideration on several levels and discuss it with an expert roofer to be satisfied that it is the right move to make. Below are seven signs that can help determine if it is time to replace your roof.

1. Meeting Building Codes

If your commercial roof is not up to standard building codes for your area replacement will most likely be the best route to go. It depends on the specific problem, but code violations along with age could be the deciding factor for new over repair services.

2. Excessive Amounts of Repairs

When the roof requires constant maintenance, it is time to give the replacement option serious consideration. You are essentially throwing good money out the window by paying for numerous repairs on an annual basis. Many fixes can add up to much of what a new roof would cost. Begin investigating replacement costs and weigh it up against what you currently pay for significant repairs.

3. Available Budget

If you are within a three or four-year window of having the roof replaced and you suddenly find it within your budget, get the work done. The money might not be there when the day comes that it is critical to replace.

4. Water Infiltration

Water getting into your business can cause tremendous damage and loss of property. Have the roof inspected to locate problems. You may have water penetrating the roof that is not obvious at first glance. The roof needs replaced if it has already penetrated deeply over a wide area.

5. Membrane Movement

Roof membranes that bubble up and entirely move are a red flag to have a replacement. It is a problem that will encompass a large part, if not all of the roofing materials.

6. Age of the Roof

An older commercial roof will begin to demand extra attention at some point. It is important to remain aware of the life expectancy for your roofing material type. Shingles can last 20 to 30 years, whereas metal roofing can withstand up to 50 years of use. Begin making replacement plans as those critical dates approach.

7. Warranty Opportunities

If you are struggling to maintain a roof that is having problems and the product is still under warranty, consider having it replaced. The warranty will help ease the costs involved. Check with a roofer experienced in dealing with warranty jobs.
Deciding on replacing or fixing a roof is not always an easy one. A professional roofer Toronto can help determine the move that makes the most financial sense for you and your business.