5 Warning Signs of Roof Leaks

By Johan | December 20, 2017 | Roofing

A roof leak is a serious issue that requires urgent attention. If left unresolved, even the tiniest leaks can cause serious damage. Here are five indications or rather warning signs that your roof needs to be checked by a professional roofer.

1. Water Spots on the Ceiling

The first visible sign of roof leaks will normally be on the ceiling. When water gets through your ceiling, it will cause stains, discoloration or show other signs of water damage.

It is important to note that water spots on your ceiling don’t automatically mean that the roof is leaking. The spots could be as a result of plumbing problems or condensation on plumbing pipes. However, if these spots grow in size, darken or appear when it rains, chances are, you have a leaking roof.

2. Shingle Granules in the Gutters

Granules chip off all the time and may not be a cause for concern. However, if your gutters are loaded up with shingle granules, you may have a problem. Grab a ladder and begin a visual inspection. If you see damaged shingles, this is an obvious entry point for water. Therefore, get the shingles repaired or replaced to prevent any water leaking into the building.

3. Damage to the Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are among the most important areas of the roof. Rain and snow run through the valleys and into the gutters. If there is damage to the area, you can expect some serious leaking soon. Therefore, get in touch with a professional roofer Toronto immediately to take a look at it.

4. Cracking Shingles

As shingles get old, they become exposed to direct sunlight which causes them to crack. This does not only damage the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also makes the roof susceptible to water leaks.

If you spot damaged shingles, speak with a roofing contractor to know whether the shingles need to be replaced or a new shingle roof needs to be installed.

5. Growth of Mold and Algae

Mold and algae thrive in humid and moist areas. When the roof starts to leak, mold and algae will start to grow on the surface of the shingles. If the leaks go undetected for a very long time, they may cause mold in your home’s interior space.

Over time, roofing systems become damaged due to exposure to extreme weather and other components. While the damage may have a small effect during early days, it may cause permanent damage to the roof in the long run. Therefore, if you notice any of the signs discussed above, contact your local roofer to assess the problem and perform the necessary repairs.