Four Ways Your Roofer Can Help You Throughout the Winter

By Johan | December 2, 2017 | Roofing

The warmer months of the year are often busier for roofing companies. During these months, homeowners may visibly spot signs of damage that could indicate the need for roof repair or replacement services. Severe rainstorms or hail storms may pass through the area, potentially causing roof damage. While there are many reasons why you may contact a roofer for assistance during warmer weather conditions, there are also many reasons why you may need to schedule winter weather services. In fact, a roofer can provide these beneficial services to you as needed in the winter.

1. Repair Damaged Areas

When your roof is covered in snow and ice, it can be difficult to identify damaged areas. However, if you notice signs of damage, you can easily contact a roofer for assistance. For example, you may notice shingles laying on the ground, or you may have a water leak in the roof when the snow or ice melt periodically throughout the winter. Remember that the integrity of your roof is important for energy efficient, to prevent a pest infestation and for other critical purposes.

2. Identify and Remove Ice Dams

Ice dams are common in the winter, and they can cause a significant amount of damage. These are caused by uneven heating on the roof, such as by inadequate insulation or by solar heating. The snow may melt in some areas, but it can refreeze as it runs down the roof. This creates a dam of ice, and melted water can build up behind it. This type of situation can result in water leaks and significant property damage. Your roofing company can identify the presence of ice dams and can remove them for you.

3. Remove Snow

The weight of snow and ice on your roof can be intense at times. It is not reasonable to expect your roof to bear the full weight of snow and ice throughout the winter, and it may be necessary to remove this weight from the roof to protect the structural integrity of the home. Your roofing team can tackle this task for you.

4. Install or Clean Gutters

During the fall months, leaves can fall into your gutters and cause blockage. When snow and ice melt, the water may back up and cause roof damage or erosion around foundation of the home. Your roofing team can service your gutters as needed, or they can install new gutters if you do not currently have any.

Taking care of your roof is a year-round process. While roofing services are common in warm weather months, they are also needed during the cold weather season. Keep these important services in mind so that you know when to call a roofer Toronto to your home.