9 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Roofing Services

By Johan | September 5, 2017 | Roofing

Choosing from all the roofing companies and deciding which one is best for your project isn’t always easy. Use the below list of helpful pointers to make sure you choose the best roofer for your project and that your money is invested in the most optimum manner.

1. Insurance coverage is a must

All roofing companies that you consider must have all the necessary liability insurance and employee’s compensation coverage in place. Ask to see the proof and take the time to even call the insurance coverage provider to verify that everything is correctly in place.

Once you know that the companies you’re comparing are properly insured, you then know that all the bids include this important expense. It may mean you won’t get the cheapest bid, but it’s more important that you’re dealing with a business owned by responsible people.

2. Pick someone local

It’s best to use someone in your local area. It’s easier to get in touch if you need to enforce their guarantee, etc. There’s nothing worse than trying to get your roofer back, only to find out you didn’t use someone close by. The guarantee is only as good as the company’s reliability, reputation, and location.

3. Get physical address and full company name

The above tip leads into why you want to get the roofing business’s complete name and address. Ask for the physical place if you see something like a PO Box address on their information. Roofing companies that don’t have a physical place is cause to get crossed off your list.

4. Rate isn’t really everything

Don’t make price everything you base your selection on. Some roofing contractors use cheap bids to get in the door and then try to add on during the job.

Consider also that roofing companies owned by people working out of their pick-up truck can do things on the cheap. But you also get what you pay for. Customers who use price as the “be all, end all” often end up paying for more expensive fix-up work later.

5. Do they have a business license?

Since licensing requirements can vary from location to location, ask your roofer whether they’ve complied with their local area. You should verify for yourself whether your local area requires licensing and what type of licensing is needed. You might even want to check with the local authorities to ensure your potential roofer doesn’t have any infractions on their licensing record.

Remember that a business license doesn’t guarantee that they have passed any tests to certify them as a qualified roofer. It just means they are licensed to conduct business in your area.

6. Do they utilize roofing subcontractors?

Ask if any of the work will get outsourced to subcontractors. If yes, do the extra work to check all the same information on those subcontractors, such as licensing, address, guarantees, etc. This is vital. You must know this information.

7. Prevent storm chasers

Avoid roofing contractors who canvass neighborhoods and knock on doors. Make your choice based on the other tips in this article where you get referrals, etc.

8. Get Referrals

It’s a must that you speak to other satisfied clients who have used your roofer in the past.

9. Do they offer a warranty for the roofing work?

You must know about guarantees. Roofing companies Toronto often offer at least a one year warranty. Others will give you a longer time frame. Consider these differences when making your selection. Usually, the roofers will guarantee the work completed and manufacturers the products used in your project. In that case, you’re dealing with two separate warranties, so make sure you understand all this information before work starts.

Once you know the above tips, choosing from all available roofing companies in your area becomes easier.