4 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Roofing

By Johan | September 5, 2017 | Roofing

1. Know Your Roofing Materials

It’s essential to know the different roof materials that you can install and how their composition affects the overall durability, aesthetic and climate of your home, as well as the repair procedures that follow. For example, flat roof repair is a different task compared to replacing shingles.

A) Asphalt Composite Shingles
• These are made from petroleum and are the most common type of shingle
• Fairly durable, easy to replace and widely serviceable
• Relatively inexpensive

B) Metal Roofing
• Provides fire-resistance
• Impervious to termites and other pests
• Expensive and requires experienced roofers to install

C) Rolled Roofing
• Incredibly affordable
• Super-quick to install
• Recommended only for workshops and other not-so-pretty buildings

D) Slate Shingles
• Beautiful upscale aesthetic
• Highly expensive and difficult to find service for
• Tends to cleave off in thin sheets when impacted

E) Wood Shingles
• Organic aesthetic and usually made from cedar
• Being organic, they’re prone to decay
• Fairly costly and require frequent maintenance

F) Clay Shingles
• Come in a wide variety of colours
• Highly durable and fire-resistant
• Higher initial cost and heavier weight on the house’s frame

2. Recognize the Signs of Impending Repair

Over time, weather conditions and the quality of your home’s construction can degrade the integrity and functionality of your roof, depending on the materials used. It’s important to look out for the telltale signs that a replacement will be needed soon. Generally speaking, flat roof repair Toronto will be cheaper.

• Roof is more than 25 years old
• Shingles are clawing, curling or splitting
• Shingles are broken or missing
• Shingles have shifted to reveal bare spots
• Shingles are dented, crumpled or buckling
• Flashings show clear signs of damage
• Clogged, misaligned or damaged valleys (can cause leaks and further damage in the long run)
• Chunks or granules of shingles breaking off in the gutter
• Soft spots when walking on the roof (possible water damage)
• Sunlight coming in through the roof

3. Why It’s Important for Your Home

Neglecting to replace or repair a damaged roof can result in rainwater leaking in, adverse changes to the home’s temperature and unwanted wildlife working its way inside. These issues can lead to more serious complications down the road.

A) Cooling and heating efficiency will stay green. Openings to the outdoor world will invite the elements inside and waste power on keeping your home at the desired temperature.

B) The longevity of your home will be ensured. By keeping water and pests out, you limit the risk of mold, mildew and infestation from ravaging the structure and expediting replacement and repair.

C) The health of the occupants will be protected. By limiting the possibility of infestation and molds, you prevent health complications down the road that would be caused by prolonged exposure to toxins and harmful byproducts.

D) It’ll keep your home in good market standing and save some money, too. By maintaining HVAC efficiency and keeping maintenance and repair costs low, your home will retain more of its value in the long run while helping you save money going forward.

E) Your home will look great from the outside. In some cases, your HOA may even require that you keep a certain look for your home, and this may be included in that depending on the neighborhood.

4. Expenses and Expertise in the Long Run

Different roofing panels will impart different price tags for installation and repair. In addition, not every roofing type is serviceable by a provider, as some require a greater degree of expertise that can be very difficult to locate. On a per-square basis, expect the following for each type:

• Asphalt shingles – $90 per square
• Wood shingles – $400 per square
• Slate shingles – $1600 per square
• Metal shingles – $325 per square
• Clay shingles – $250 per square
• Roll-on Roofing – if it came in squares, it’d be roughly $30 each