Five Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Roof or a Roofing Contractor

By Johan | August 6, 2017 | Roofing

If you want to construct a new roof or replace the old one, making a section on the type of roof to install is not a straightforward process; one has to think through. It is the roof, among other features of a building that makes it stand out from the rest. Whether you are constructing a residential or a commercial building, it is important to ask yourself these questions before choosing a roof, a roofing contractor or roofing companies.

1. What are the long term goals of the building?

The first consideration is whether you intend to rent the building for commercial or for residential purposes, or whether you are constructing your home. The intended reason will determine the performance that is needed. For instance, a spec building will require a basic roof while an airline reservation center will need a more advanced roof. Companies that intend to operate 24 hours a day offering data services can never afford to have a leak; thus they should invest in a durable roofing material.

2. How do the external factors affect the roofing material to be used?

After identifying the intention of the building, you need to start looking into the external factors that could influence the choice of roofing material. You ought to consider the building’s location and other physical aspects such as topography, climate, and building codes. The characteristics of the building such as design, age, shape, height, and size should also be considered. If you are doing a replacement, it is important to consider the attributes of the old roof such as dimensions, slope, protrusions, deck construction, rooftop access and edge detailing.

3. What is the expertise of the roofing contractor you are considering?

The roofing industry is evolving at a high rate, with new types of roofs from various roofing companies Toronto being developed now and then. Therefore, the roofing contractor you are considering should be up to date with the current roofing trends. If you get one who is not familiar with the various roofing systems and application techniques, they might end up offing poor services.

You also need to hire one who is a member of the local or national industry association. Usually, contractors who are part of professional organizations are aware of the current developments in the industry. Contractors who have installed at least 100,000 square feet of roof systems tend to offer high-quality services. Remember that the quality of the workforce is crucial to the resulting roof quality.

4. Does the load bearing capacity of the ceiling structure matches the weight of the roof?

Before choosing any roofing option, you need to evaluate the load bearing capacity of the roof deck to ensure that you select the right membrane option. If it is a new construction, you might save with regards to the structural steel used by installing a lighter flexible membrane system. A lighter system allows one to reroof on top of the older one. On the other hand, a heavier system will require you to tear off the older roof while installing a new one. However, weight is one of the many considerations when selecting a roof membrane as well as an attachment system.

5. What is warranted by whom?

There are two categories of roofing warranties. The manufacturer’s warranty covers building materials, and at times it might include additional items. The contractor’s warranty covers workforce. Go through the roofing warranty offered and what provisions are included. Most of the professional contractors provide periodic maintenance inspection services. The services are essential in ensuring compliance with the standards specified in the warranty document. Most inspection programs consist of a thorough visual examination of the insulation, roof system and flashing to check for potential trouble areas.