8 Types of Roofing Services Available to Property Owners

By Johan | August 6, 2017 | Roofing

The roof plays an integral role in both commercial and residential properties, and as such, their care and maintenance are of utmost importance. Damages to your gutter system, shingles, attic or other structures require the attention of a qualified roofing contractor.

These structures are part of your home’s framework and act as its primary defense against severe weather conditions. Therefore, any damage to these structures can compromise the integrity of your family’s security and health. The professional roofing services mentioned below maintain and increase your roof’s lifespan.

1. Roof Installation

There are several types of roofs available, and property owners are free to select the most suitable one they prefer based on cost, personal preferences, or any other consideration. Common roofing materials used include steel, asphalt, slate, and copper. Tile roofs (clay, concrete, or rubber) are not only common but also suitable for almost any type of establishment. They are easy to install, durable, enhance your home’s aesthetic beauty, and affordable.

2. Shingle Installation

Shingle roofing is popular because it enhances not only your home’s ventilation system but also the overall appearance of your roof. Roofers install shingles and help property owners select the best type of shingles based on quality, competency, durability, stain resistance, low maintenance, styles, and colors.

• Asphalt Shingle roofs are common among both commercial and residential properties. They are known for their durability and last for over 30 years with regular maintenance services. Furthermore, these roofs come in different colors and textures allowing owners several options from which to choose.

• Slate shingle roofs have a lifespan of over 60 years with proper care and maintenance. They also enhance the overall charm and beauty of your home. However, they are quite costly to buy and install.

3. Roof Inspection

Before any roof repairs or replacements, inspection is done to examine the integrity of your roof and the extent of damage, if any. This allows the roofer to determine the right course of action to take if there is damage. Furthermore, regular inspection increases the lifespan of your entire roof.

4. Leak Repairs

Leakages can eventually damage your entire roof as well as other structures of your home including the ceiling, fiberglass insulation, walls, or even furniture. Leaks can also lead to a mold infestation.

5. Shingles Repair

Shingle damage should never be brushed off as minor since a leakage may allow water to seep in and cause rot on the underlying wood support. This makes the entire roof weak and may cause considerable damage in the long term. Roofers repair damaged shingles.

6. Gutter Installation and Solutions

Roofers install gutters which ensure that your roof has a proper drainage system. This prevents rain water from damaging your walls and staining the paint. They also put in solutions such as leaf relief that protect the gutter from falling leaves.

7. Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional roofers offer additional upkeep services like cleaning gutters to prevent build ups as well as carrying out regular inspection and repairs when needed. This increases the lifespan of gutters and ensures that the entire system works efficiently.

8. Gutter Replacement

Often, gutters only need repairs to solve any issues that arise. But since they cannot last forever, a roofer may decide that it is time to have your entire gutter system replaced. These systems can last for 20 to 40 years.

These are some of the common Toronto roofing services offered by professional roofers and are necessary to increase your roof’s lifespan. Apart from longevity, these services are essential because they prevent further property damage while ensuring the security and safety of your property’s occupants.