Four Benefits of Scheduling a Flat Roof Repair

By Johan | July 9, 2017 | Roofing

Many large businesses, industrial complexes and warehouses have a flat roof. This type of a roof could consist of rolled bitumen, rubber, asphalt or metal. Over time, exposure to extreme temperature changes, precipitation and the sun’s ultraviolet energy degrades these materials. Consider these four benefits of scheduling a flat roof repair before you have an emergency situation on your hands.

Protect Your Building

One of the best benefits of scheduling a flat roof repair is that the repairs help to protect your building. When a roofing system is damaged, water can leak into the building. This could result in damage to the walls and foundation. Exterior wall and foundation damage are costly, time-consuming and difficult to fix. A leak in a flat roof could also go through the ceiling of the building, damaging wiring, insulation, light fixtures and other items. By fixing the roof, you could avoid these issues.

Extend the Lifespan of the Roofing System

A flat roof repair also extends the lifespan of the roofing system. When there is a small problem, such as an area of corrosion or a few damaged fasteners, fixing it restores full functioning to the entire roof. The repairs eliminate the risk of water intrusion that could damage other panels or fasteners. Making repairs when they are needed reduces the need to replace the entire rooftop before its usual lifespan.

Improve the Look of the Structure

When a flat roof is in disrepair, the entire structure looks unkempt. When customers or visitors come to the building, they might believe that the poor quality of the roof is a sign of poor quality in the products or services that your business provides. Improving the look of the structure through flat roof repairs shows that you are attentive to issues and that you take the time to fix problems as they arise.

Avoid a Sudden Emergency

A small problem with a flat roof could quickly turn into an emergency when you least expect it. A few loose fasteners or a rusted area could lead to a roof failure if a severe weather event took place. For example, just one centimeter of ice could be enough weight to cave in a flat roof that has missing or broken nails. A heavy rain or many centimeters of snow could be enough precipitation to flood in through a rusted area. If this emergency happened at night or over a weekend when nobody is in the building, you could return to your business on a Monday morning and have a disaster on your hands. A flat roof repair Toronto greatly reduces the risk of a roofing disaster.