Cool Roofs – What Are They and Why Should You Consider One?

By Johan | April 23, 2017 | Roofing

The summer sun feels great when you’re at the beach or on a picnic, but when it beats down on your home all day, keeping things cool inside can be difficult on your wallet. A home’s roof receives the full fury of the sun’s blistering heat and can reach temperatures of 140° or more. And that heat doesn’t just stay on the roof; it transfers into your home and keeps your air conditioning working overtime. So in order to keep your home cool, you need to keep your roof cool. The answer may be a cool roof. Many roofing companies provide this service.

What Is a Cool Roof?

Instead of soaking up the heat from the sun, a cool roof is designed to reflect it. Conventional roofs are often made of materials that absorb the heat from the sun. But a cool roof is made of a highly reflective material such as slate, metal, tiles, shingles, foam, or other surfaces such as coatings and paint. A cool roof repels the heat from the sun, and the roof stays up to 50° cooler than conventional roofs. Your air conditioning gets a break while your home remains comfortably cool.

Cool Roof Options

A roof is, of course, one of main exterior design elements of a home. The color and style greatly affect the appearance and overall impression of a house or building. But efficient doesn’t have to mean ugly. And cool roofs aren’t exorbitantly expensive; often an easily applied coating or surface layer can be added to the existing roof make it more efficient. Cool roofs are available in a wide variety of materials, textures, designs and colors. Here are just some of the available materials:

Roof coatings can be applied directly to the existing roof. These coatings have reflective properties and can be applied to just about any roof. Roofing companies Toronto will know which coating is best for your home.
Metal roofing doesn’t have to look utilitarian. It can be designed to look like shingles and blend well with your exterior design. A wide array of colors, shapes, and textures are available. And reflective doesn’t have to mean light in color. Dark-colored roofs are available as well.
Built-up roofing is layers of asphalt and insulation which are then covered by a finished surface or protective layer. The surface layer is specially designed with reflective granules or a special coating to facilitate cooling
Modified bitumen is asphalt or tar mixed with plastic or rubber material, along with reinforcing fabrics. After the bitumen is put down, a final, finished layer is applied, which can have either a smooth or granular surface.

Roofing companies in your area can give you more information about cool roof options. It could enhance the appearance of your home and reduce your cooling costs in the dog days of summer.