Roofing Maintenance Before the Bad Weather Months

By Johan | February 6, 2017 | Roofing

Whether you live in a climate that sees snow and ice or one that has to worry about high winds, you need to do routine maintenance to ensure that your roof will remain intact during the harsh, brutal months of the year.

Remove Debris
After a particularly brutal storm, branches and clumps of leaves should be removed from the roof. Leaves and pine needles can start to rot on top of the roof, which causes damage over time. Branches can be tossed around on the roof creating damage during the next storm too. A clean roof will prevent cave-ins, holes and broken tiles.

Clean Gutters
If you don’t remove the leaves from the roof, they’ll start to collect in your gutters. This can start a host of problems. Water may run out of the gutters and slip down the side of the house into the foundation creating moisture in the basement. It can cause puddles to develop too close to the home, which results in basement flooding too.

Damage Inspection
Before a season that sees high winds, rain or snow, you’ll want to do an inspection of the roof. If you don’t inspect, a small problem could cause serious issues during a storm. It’s less expensive to do routine maintenance than it is to make major roof repairs.

Trim Branches
Walk around the home and inspect the landscaping. If you have overhanging branches or ones that are rotting or dead, they could end up breaking during a storm. Branches that hang over the roof could break tiles or pull up the Cherry and Clark roofing material and expose your home to the elements.

Check Flashing
Visually inspect the flashing as much as you can from the ground, but at some point, you’ll need to get on a ladder or hire a professional to check that it’s watertight against the roof.

Attic Insulation
The insulation in your attic can play an important part in the health of your Cherry and Clark roofing. An attic that is poorly insulated will allow the roof to heat. A hot roof will melt the ice but then refreeze, which creates ice dams. In other areas that don’t see snow, you’re losing much of your heat through a badly insulated attic. It will create a high heating bill each year.

If you’re not willing to do the work required, you can hire a professional to inspect and do minor repairs to the roof before they become major problems. A roofing service company will let you know what should be repaired immediately, and what might be able to slide until after bad weather months.